NetWidget Appliances

We are still constructing our web site but we have provided the following visual information about the Widget Appliances.

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NetWidget Business Appliance

Wall-mounted (recommended)

NetWidget is designed to be wall-mounted to minimise the space occupied - though you can mount it flat on a desk if required.

The unit weighs 9lbs (4kg) and consumes 30 watts maximum power - that's less than a 40 watt light bulb and it makes practically no noise. You can mount it anywhere convenient. Its packaging is designed to allow you mount in the front office if space is at a premium.

NetWidget Business Appliance

Wall-mounted showing Optical Archiving media

NetWidget archives to Optical Media for maximum reliability and long-term storage. NetWidget Business Appliances will automatically back-up all your network connected PCs and write to the Optical Disk. When the Optical disk is full NetWidget sends you an email which also tells you what reference number to write on the optical media. When you need to restore information Netwidget tells you what optical media reference number to insert. You can also automatically make duplicate copies of the optical media to allow one copy to be stored off-site for maximum security.