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Netwidget Privacy Policy

This describes our policy with regard to information we collect by any of the following methods:

General Policy Statement


This policy applies to Netwidget, Inc., its subsidiaries, joint-ventures with other companies, affiliates and other business partners. Netwidget, Inc. will not supply information to any third party including any of the above mentioned entities where it cannot ensure or have the binding commitment of, the same safeguards as defined in this policy.


Netwidget, Inc. will use information collected by any of the methods defined above with regard to the following guidelines:


Netwidget, Inc. will use the same techniques, methods and policies to safeguard user information as it does in protecting and securing its own information and data.


Netwidget, Inc. will always request a confirming e-mail prior to adding a new record to its databases. No such confirmation will be sent when a user modifies, deletes or otherwise changes a profile record using a valid password. This policy is designed to provide:

  1. Protection against malicious use and divulgance of your e-mail address by a third party. You will be required to take a positive action to confirm (or 'opt-in'). Failure to take any action within 72 hours will result in permanent deletion of any information supplied to us from our databases.

  2. It provides a cooling off period in which you may re-consider your decision.

Netwidget, Inc. will, from time to time, send you a reminder that your record exists, instructions as to how to access or change your record and any current password.


The following sections detail the policies that will be used in handling the information defined under "SCOPE" above.


When you submit a mail form requesting information, requesting a service, making comments or reporting a potential bug we require your First Name and Last name and an e-mail address. We request additional information such as organisation, address telephone numbers etc.

  1. Any mail comment, request or bug report may result in the creation of a profile record on our databases. If such a record is created a web URL and initial password will be allocated and this information will be mailed along with confirmation of your origonal request. Using this web URL and password you will be able to carry out any of the following procedures:

    1. Permanently delete your record (a subsequent transaction will create a new record).
    2. Change your record details (including subscription services, registered services or any other 'opt-in' or 'opt-out' service).
    3. Change your access password.
    4. Add information to your record.
    5. Subscribe or register for additional services that Netwidget, Inc. may offer from time to time.
  2. If you supply additional information (such as a mailing address) it will only be used to send you confirmation of the original request by any of the methods you have provided us with.

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