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Cryptographic and Security Links

The following are generic links to security and crypographic sites:

Security and Cryptography Resources - SANS organization, specialising in system security. Offers an alert newsletter service. Use the Reading Room for good backgrounders. - US Federally funded organisation and center for security expertise. - some useful backgrounders. - the research arm of RSA Security, Inc. - excellent overviews and articles. - general security site coverring a lot of topics incling crytography. Some useful articles and whitepapers many written from a non-mathematicians viewpoint. - US National Institute of Standard and Technology - Computer security division. - lots of security information and articles. - The Computer Security Institute - dedicated to training computer and network security professionals. - security organisation provides BugTrac mailing list for security announcements. - Data collection site. Headlines and up-to-the-minute status information. Excellent link site to various international security centers.

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