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Training, Consulting and Speaking


I give courses in DNS, IPv6, DHCP, LDAP and Telecommunications. I normally undertake such training in co-operation with high-quality client training organisations, such as Markana but you are welcome to contact me directly. La formation est aussi disponible en français. Current Courses include:

  1. Basic DNS (2 or 3 days) Syllabus
  2. DNS Security (2 days) - Syllabus
  3. DNS and Telephony (VoIP) (1 day) Syllabus
  4. DNS and IPv6 (1 day) Syllabus
  5. Advanced DNS (1 day) Syllabus
  6. DNS on Windows Servers (2 days) Syllabus
  7. Basic LDAP (2 days) Syllabus
  8. Advanced LDAP (1 day) Syllabus
  9. Windows Active Directory (1 or 2 days) Syllabus
  10. Hetrogeneous Identity Management with LDAP (2 days) Syllabus
  11. Telecommunications Technologies (2 days) Syllabus


I undertake consulting assignments in four specific areas where I think my expertise can bring cost effective results:

  1. DNS - DNS Design and System architecture, design of DNS administration and audit procedures, DNSSEC.bis security assessments and procedures, DLV (DNNSEC Lookaside Validation) feasibility, design and implementation. DNS and IPv6. DNS and Telephony.

  2. Project Management - Reviewing developments plans (technology, manpower, timescales and budgets), Project Audits, Viability Assessments, Technology Intercept Plans and use of Open Source methodologies. With over 30 years of experience in this field I have seen, and sadly in some cases made, almost every mistake known to mankind.

  3. Technology Assessments - There are many ways to build systems, services and products. Some are better than others. Some will yield strategic benefits that can be leveraged for years. Some just use well known or established processes that ultimately may not be good enough to ensure future survival or prosperity. With many years experience and a predisposed bias toward Open Source solutions I can bring an alternate view of the world. Trying to balance security, market benefits, speed of development and long terms strategic benefits. All with a cold, hard, dispassionate view of the bottom line.

  4. Open Source. I am a believer in the future of Open Source. In Education, in general business and in product development. It has the ability to transform the social and economic model of our society. But not every organization is ready to take advantage of the many benefits while guarding against the many pitfalls. In some cases it just requires a simple tweak, in other cases a major cultural change - which can take years and which not all organizations are capable of sustaining.

Projects may range from hours to months. I will quote hourly, weekly and longer rates depending on the type, scope and complexity of the project or a fixed price if that is appropriate for the project. If you think I can be of some help please contact me with a brief outline of the project and expected results. Please do not include confidential information in any initial project outline. In cases where I consider the project to be what I deem a good thing (normally public interest/service work) and depending on the nature of the work involved I have and do undertake pro bono projects.

Conference Speaking

I both enjoy and welcome public speaking and giving tutorials on the topic of DNS and DNSSEC.bis specifically. My current presentation outline on DNSSEC titled DNSSEC - Replacing Hope with Certainty is available here in PDF format. For any reasonably exotic location - and bear in mind that in the depths of a Canadian winter almost anywhere on the planet is reasonably exotic - pay my travel and reasonable expenses and I'm interested!

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