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Pro DNS and BIND

RONALD (RON) AITCHISON is the President and founder of Zytrax, Inc., a Montreal-based company that specializes in wireless and wire-line IP communications. Zytrax develops its own products as well as undertaking specialized consulting, training, system design, and development for clients. Ron is currently masterminding and developing the Netwidget — a business appliance family aimed at bringing the compelling cost advantages of Open Source to small and medium-sized companies by offering trivial user installation, and robust and reliable operation combined with high levels of security. Netwidget uses BIND, NSD, DHCP, Apache, Squid, ProFTP, Samba, Courier e-mail, OpenLDAP, and OpenSSL, among many other high-quality packages, and is developed in a mixture of C and Ruby. Zytrax supports its own and customer-hosted DNS, web, e-mail, and LDAP services on a mixed network of Windows, Linux, and, increasingly, FreeBSD systems, and has been an Open Source user since 1998.

Prior to founding Zytrax in 1994, Ron worked in senior roles in development, sales, and marketing in both Europe and the US. He started his computer career in 1973 as a grunt systems programmer developing communications software for mainframes in a nineteenth-century palace outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. Apart from developing an abiding interest in communications, writing a ton of code, becoming a team-leader and project manager Ron sees his major achievement in those years, as cofounder of the local micro-club, in persuading Intel to ship the UK’s second 8086 system for club use ahead of minor competition such as IBM and others, who in 1978, were all clamouring to get their hands on that minor miracle of engineering.

He moved into sales and marketing for a number of years before returning to real—technical—work when he established Zytrax. He was educated in mechanical engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, a long time ago.

Summary Technical C.V or Resume (depending on your terminology preference)

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